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"Love Impact: Exploring Character Structures in Body Psychotherapy".
Published in 2022, new edition in 2023, publishing house Psychotherapy.
Received positive reviews, is in high demand.
The book is addressed to psychologists and psychotherapists and may also be of interest to a wide range of readers who want to learn more about self-development and body practices. Contains information about 5 psychological types: at what age and why they are formed, diagnosis through the body, 120 exercises for correction. The advantage is the author's classification of psychological types, developed by I. Soloviova, based on concepts adopted in body-oriented psychotherapy, and on 20 years of work experience. As well as the practical orientation of the book and the adaptation of many practices to the online format in working with clients.
Original language: Russian.
The volume of the manuscript: 375 000 characters with spaces (52 000 words).
Rights are free, except for the Russian language.

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